Keeping Life Interesting

March 17, 2016 at 09:16 pm

Time for another ordinary evening in the cafe. I get some food and join a couple friends. I thank God for my food, look up, and "Whoops, forgot to get a fork. I'll get one from the salad bar," I think.

I grab a fork, but looking back at the table, "Oh wait, I did already grab a fork. That's what I thought. This is odd."

I sit down, finally, and start eating with the fork that I apparently already had. Those friends just look at me. One pats me on the back, shaking his head. The other starts laughing.

At this point I still have no idea what just happened, until he explains he swiped my fork when I was praying and put it back as I got up to go get another one. Fork thief!

A thought from a Sabbath school discussion: need we compare ourselves with others? Do we define "talents" as things we do better than others? Do we take value from comparison? "Well, they may be better than me at ______, but at least I'm better than them at ______!"

I bring it up to my roommate. He says he'll sleep on it and to ask him in the morning. I say I'll do just that. He bets me an autographed wire sitting on his [messy] desk [from which everything falls on the floor] that I won't remember in the morning. I put a little bookmark on my laptop. "I don't even have to write anything. I'll just set this here, and it'll remind me." Then I go to bed.

A little later, when he goes to bed, I see him turn off the light. But, by the glow of his computer shutting down I see him wander mysteriously over to my desk. "Hmm," I think. "Never before has he wandered over to my desk right before going to bed."

The next morning I awake to find my bookmark missing! I find it on his desk and place it back on my laptop to remind me to ask him the question. I go take a shower.

I return. "What! Where is my bookmark!?" I think, quietly, as my roommate is still asleep — though I have my doubts. I find the bookmark hidden in a nearby book. Bookmark thief!

"So, Garrett, are you partial to raspberries over other berries? Do we need to send you to the inclusive committee?" says a friend at Sabbath lunch after I took a raspberry crisp and everybody else at the table took mixed-berry crisps. "Have you had any bad experiences with other berries in your childhood that you want to tell us about?"

I don't really know what to say.

"Oh, I think I get it," she continues, "You like having them one at a time."

"Oh! Kind of like dating!" chimes in another.

Yeah. Just like that.

My roommate and I step out of Meske. It's a quest to find the secret Lego Mindstorms of Kretschmar Hall. In the distance we spot a creature sneaking toward the unsuspecting library.

"It's Nathan!" I call out.

The tall, slender, textbook-wielding creature stops, turns its head, and runs behind a tree. We continue walking. It runs behind another tree.

Finally we catch up with him and as a trio go hunt through Kretschmar closets uncovering abundant Legos. Mission accomplished.