Mount Rainier

September 5, 2013 at 12:08 pm

This past week I have been out enjoying never-before-visited yet nearby Mount Rainier National Park for a family gathering. We resided in some cabins just outside the park entrance at Mounthaven. This area was without cell service, so fortunately my brother and another relative brought ham radios allowing us maintain some communication. It was a pleasant and relaxing few days, a short rest from all things computer (or so I thought).

Christine Falls
While going in and out of the park every day, we would pass Christine Falls on the bridge slightly out of frame. Over Labor Day weekend we were among hundreds of others at all of the stops along the road. A few days later, we would pass some of these pullouts with maybe one car. This got me thinking about how the water coming over this waterfall continues to flow regardless of whether people are watching, videoing, photographing, or recording. It is being real, not just a facade put up to impress people. Unless, of course, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Christine Falls in Mount Rainier National Park

A Mosquito
While visiting Snow Lakes I came across this fascinating insect sitting on a branch, the first time I've seen it sitting anywhere without getting bugged. Normally these little things are considered an annoyance, but it is quite an interesting little creature. I can just imagine this photo being used introducing our next hymn... "All Creatures of Our God and King."

While staying at Mounthaven another's slight annoyance became my opportunity. After a few days the Wifi you could receive standing in a certain corner of our cabin magically disappeared. What better thing to do than attempt fixing it? After rebooting the router and doing a factory reset, all to no avail, I came onto the scene wondering if Wifi was enabled. It wasn't, and thanks to the factory reset getting rid of the password, enabling it quickly resolved the issue. Life would be so boring without broken things.

A Mosquito on a Branch

Pinnacle Peak
While my mom relaxed down by Reflection Lake, my dad and I scurried up to Pinnacle Saddle amongst the Tatoosh Range. We wandered about, up a ways on Pinnacle Peak and The Castle, before climbing Plummer Peak. There's a little tarn on the way up to Plummer from which you have a nice view of Pinnacle Peak. Look at those clouds, minutes later they didn't look so nice.

Pinnacle Peak in the Tatoosh Range at Mount Rainier National Park

Mildred Point
And, finally, what you have been expecting in a post entitled "Mount Rainier." As the name implies, the mountain is frequently covered in clouds, so I have few pictures of the peak unobscured. One of the times the clouds faded away was when we were nearing Mildred Point. You can see a little one just above the peak that soon thereafter grew and clouded the mountain away.

Of Mildred Point and Mount Rainier

And there you have it, a post about this trip to Mount Rainier with less latency than the six month delay with the Mount Saint Helens trip.