Surviving Freshman

June 14, 2013 at 03:56 pm

Greetings. I am now a sophomore. I survived my freshman year.

It's a very interesting feeling. For the past nine months my time has been occupied non-stop during the week. Most weekends I would sleep and relax a bit before starting again on Sunday in an attempt to not get behind, so as to not spend the next few weeks scrambling to catch up. Not that anything was particularly difficult; it was just time consuming, and frustrating when the time necessary to grasp a concept or complete an assignment is time that I have allotted for another subject. Then summer. No more days spent pondering how to best organize an essay. No more late nights of chemistry and calculus calculations. No more endless lists of assignments to complete. And yet, no more daily inquiries from friends. No more weekly vespers convergences. No more evenings of aiding others with programming projects.

But, life will still be interesting nonetheless, swept with change once again.

Sun light through leaves during spring or summer

Though, despite some changes, some things shouldn't change.

There's nobody quite like a cat (or a dog, but I have a cat). I've been away for months, yet he still desires to sit next to me for hours on end. He just wants to hang out and get as much attention as possible. Let's not forget to put time into relationships that matter, those important things which never get put on the to-do list.

Bowers Hall and Walla Walla University Church