Teepee Falls

August 2, 2010 at 05:13 pm

Two days ago I decided that it would be a good time to get some waterfall pictures due to the cloudy weather. After a little searching around, my family found out about Teepee Falls. We headed out the door and drove out to the "Suiattle River Road #26."

The instructions told us: "After around 10 miles, the road will cross over Big Creek on a big bridge you can't miss." We got to milepost 10 and saw this huge bridge over to the right that we couldn't miss. I didn't think it was there though since we were supposed to hike 100 vertical feet down to the waterfall and this bridge was only about 20 feet above the river. We kept on driving down to the end of the road and hiked around a bit trying to find another bridge that was higher, but eventually gave up and started driving back home.

On the way back down the road, we were watching for any places where a watefall might reside. After we got back to around mile post 6, we spotted a tiny, almost-invisible bridge that we didn't even see on the way in. We hopped out and spotted a waterfall about 100 feet or so below off in the distance. This was the place! Not exactly "a big bridge you can't miss."

We found the little trail leading down to the waterfall and soon reached the beautiful waterfall.

Teepee Falls Washington head on

So, if you want to go there, you can follow that guy's instructions, but be sure to stop at the relatively small bridge at around mile post 6. Park your car before you cross the bridge and look for the pink ribbon. To the right of the pink ribbon is a little trail hidden in the trees that will lead you to more pink ribbons. Follow them all the way down to the nice waterfall.

If you are in question as to which bridge to stop at, you should be greeted with a view similar to the picture below. The trail leads to the waterfall circled in red.

Where Teepee Falls is located