The End - SM Year

June 11, 2017 at 03:07 pm

Last week left Yap and am now back in the States. It was a good year. I'll miss all of you.

Jocelyn and Garrett Leaving

To see all the pictures from Yap during the year (since the Internet was too slow to upload them throughout the year):

Blog Posts
I did make some other blog posts on a different blog while I was there:

I get to geometry class. The students are like, "I spy Kenfal's brown bag. Where is it?" I see a pile of sticks, and I say, "Under there?" He goes over and pulls it out. Then I go to my door. Wait. There's no door knob!? Who took the door knob. Nobody knows. I go get Mr. John who tries to open it. Then I look in the trash cans and find it. We shove it back on and then open the door, but the key gets stuck in it, so Ruwie spends all class period trying to get the key out. He ends up taking the door knob off to get the key out. Then I go all over town to try to find a new door knob. YCA has none. The place next Blue Lagoon is out. The one across from the gas tanks only has ones with dead bolts. The Waab hardware store only has ones that don't have locks, have dead bolts, or there were a couple that were $75. I didn't even have that much money. I get back and talk with Mr. John. He tells me not to keep it unlocked, so I go over there again and put the door knob back on. I use a rock to bend the metal back before banging it back on. I realized that the first time I put it on how most door knobs are, but the opposite way of how this one normally is — upside down from what I'd expect. I thought that might be why the key got stuck. So, I put it on how it was before, and now it works again. Sweet.

Yesterday I worked in the lab and synced the mandatory profile to each computer so it could use it even without the network. I thought this would fix the problem of Lilly saying that she was able to store music on the computers and it wouldn't be deleted. But, then Louisa today showed me where the music was, and it was in the "Python Scripts" folder. Oh. Different problem. This is because it's in the public documents, not in the student account at all, and for some reason the student has write access. So, I now sync the public documents from the server on boot and also deny write permission to authenticated users. Problem solved. Now just need to wait for students to find more problems with my setup.

Serina came in during break while I was eating cereal in my lunch since I hadn't had time yesterday to make lunch after I got back from Manta Ray. She was like, "That's not healthy," and gave me a Taco Bell 7-Layer burrito. Nice.

In the evening when I was in the computer lab working, the power went out (again). I went back to my classroom to drop some stuff off. Nia (principal's daughter) came out wheelbarrowing RJ (baby about 1 years old or so) around. I mentioned to her that the power went out. She said her dad knocked a tree down trying to get firewood for us and it hit the power lines. That is not what I expected. He calls the electric company and 30 minutes to an hour later or so they come and replace the fuses up on the lines and then chainsaw down the trees all using their bucket truck. Most of us go out and watch them — our evening entertainment.

Got up, ate cereal with coconut water on it since I ran out of orange juice, threw away cereal with coconut water that was disgusting, went outside and asked Mr. John for painting supplies so I could paint my classroom. Zeph and I went to the container and got them. Then Nia, Zeph, and I headed to the classroom to get started. I went up to the lab briefly and saw Lilly there. She decided to come help too. They all left after the majority of the room was done. I finished the edges and then painted the bookshelf too. Fun day.

One Sabbath evening we went in the green van to get some leis from TJ's house. Jordan and Mike turned their chairs around and faced Jonathan and me in the back. Mike then opened the van's sliding door and rotated his chair so he could lean back and out of the van. On the way back he pointed his chair out, put his feet and hands out yelling "faster! faster!" to Matthew as we drove over potholes, and was just held in by his seat belt (only time I saw somebody wear a seat belt all year). That van is pretty cool. Also 4WD.

The Saturday night I was leaving Yap, Lilly walked over to me and asked me to give her a high five. However, when I tried she dabbed and was like, "pshyc!" Then I chased her around campus trying to force her to give me a high five. Hannah was giving Lilly videos, so when she was done she gave me Lilly's flash drive so I could use it as ransom to get a high five. Lilly tried to steal the flash drive back, but I held onto it tightly. Lilly, Hannah, TJ, and I took some pictures outside and then she finally gave me a high five after doing the pshyc thing again, pretending to give one and then scratching her hair, same but patting me on the head... Memorable evening.