December 1, 2017 at 02:43 pm

Warning: this is old and while it likely still works, there are better AUR helpers out there. For instance, check out aurutils.

AUR helpers assist those using Arch Linux to install unsupported software using user created install scripts. This is one of the many.

Script on GitHub
Script in the AUR

Features (i.e., why it isn't small anymore)

  • Regex search: spinach -sq kernel | grep 'pf$'
  • Repo support: spinach --rep -sq nouveau
  • Checks for updates with multiple threads and using the multiinfo option on the RPC
  • Provides DIY operations if you don't want to let spinach install for you
  • Copies the built packages to a cache
  • Batch installation: spinach -i this and that downloads them all, lets you view them, and then builds and installs them
  • Create/modify PKGBUILDs and then install with depend support: spinach --custom ./ -i something

Prerequisites: sudo pacman --needed -S base-devel jshon expac
Spinach: curl -Lo s raw.githubusercontent.com/floft/spinach/master/spinach;less s;read;bash s -i spinach;rm s

Search: spinach -s package
Print info: spinach -p package
Install: spinach -i package
Upgrade: spinach -u

For more information, read see `man spinach' or `spinach -h'. For recent changes, see the change log.